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About PLC

What is a PLC?

A PLC is a company with its own business name which pre-determined capital (share capital) is determined in advance and divided into specific amounts (shares) and whose liabilities are payable only from the company assets. The shareholders are required only to fulfil the duties specified in the articles of association and are not personally liable for the company’s obligations.

Advantages of a PLC:

  • The members of the PLC are not personally liable for obligations of the PLC
  • A PLC can be set up by one or more persons
  • Shares can be transferred easily
  • Members remain anonymous
  • High credit-worthiness

Disadvantages of a PLC:

  • High minimum capital
  • Observe company law’s legal requirements
  • PLC and members have to pay taxes (double taxation)

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What do I have to consider when setting up a PLC?

The most important points to set up a PLC in Switzerland are:

  • Minimum capital:
    at least CHF 100’000 (thereof CHF 50‘000 liberated)
  • Number of members:
    at least one legal or natural person
  • Business name:
    free choice of name, suffix or ending „AG“ obligatory
  • Audit requirements:
    audit mandatory if 10 or more employees
  • VAT liability:
    subject to VAT if annual turnover CHF 100‘000 or more; voluntary registration for VAT allowed
  • Duration of registration:
    depending on canton 10 days – 4 weeks (Duration with Express-procedure 5 days)
  • Cost of foundation:
    depending on offerer CHF 1‘750 – 4‘500 (excl. Commercial register entry)
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Please find below a compostion of the most important questions to set up a PLC in Switzerland:

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